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About the Book

Divorce rates in America present a sobering picture. It is estimated that 50% of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce. People just aren’t getting it right. Time is ticking. In this crazy world, now more than ever, we need help in how to navigate the arena of love and achieve successful relationships.

In "The Art of Relating: A Primer for Love," psychotherapist and relationship coach Christine Kniffen, LCSW offers readers a real how to when it comes to handling just about every aspect of relationships. Are you on the fence wondering if you should stay or go? Do you find that you continually lose your identity in relationships and want to know why? Do you have a pattern of gravitating to the emotionally unavailable, but don’t know how to stop it? Do you have trouble getting your needs met and can’t understand why? For just about any relationship situation that you find yourself in, "The Art of Relating" will help to show a clear path forward, while explaining why you have been struggling so hard up to this point.

According to Kniffen, “Everyone can have a great relationship and need not settle for crumbs.

In the areas of self-esteem and relationship expectations, most of us require some tweaking to get what we want. Instead of wasting energy feeling bad about your love life, why don’t you try doing something about it and begin educating yourself on what is really required to have a great relationship? Then, you can finally begin to recognize the person who can actually give it to you.”

Whether you are tired of the dating merry-go-round or want to improve your current relationship, "The Art of Relating" will guide you through the typical relationship land mines and teach you how to reach the top with the one you love.

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